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Sunday, February 23, 2020

'The Witcher' Cast & Crew Share Updates, Tease Season 2

Now that filming on The Witcher has begun, new and returning cast members have been sharing their excitement on social media. As Henry trains to return to his role as Geralt, another Witcher will be joining him next season.

Paul Bullion has been sharing videos of his swordplay and he seems just as fierce as Geralt.

Tom Canton is back as Filavandrel and he's definitely ready for some payback, while other cast members are just happy to be joining the second season of the Netflix fantasy series.

As far as what you should be reading to keep up with Season 2 of The Witcher...

And this tease from one of the writers...

Keep checking back for updates, as we follow the production of The Witcher Season 2!


  1. Thanks to H & everyone for sharing all of these great perspectives of this INCREDIBLE series! The wait for Season 2 is truly a hurt so good experience. Everyone stay safe & keep up all your fantastic focus & commitment to The Witcher!
    An eternal & hopeful devoted H.C.fan😍

  2. Best wishes on a successful second season cast & crew! Now, let’s think season three. You know your all going to have that coming up the road soon enough. Keep it coming;)


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