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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Latest 'M:I6' Production Photos, 'Justice League' Promo & Contest

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Mission: Impossible 6 is currently filming in England, and this weekend director Chris McQuarrie posted these two set pics on his Instagram account. Henry also shared his own pics from the Warner Bros. Studios outside of London, where the movie is currently in production.

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The additional Justice League scenes that include Henry and his now infamous moustache, are also reportedly being shot there. By the way, this piece below does a really good job explaining how much time and work is involved in getting rid of the facial hair.

If you're not too familiar with the villain Superman will reportedly go after in Justice League, DC has broken it down for you..

And check out what we ran into at our local theater!

Since we haven't seen much of Henry in the promo material, fans have been sharing their versions of Superman. Director Zack Snyder praised this one made by digital artist, George Evangelista.

If you have mad skills like him, you may want to enter this new Justice League fan art contest.. the grand prize is a trip to the premiere in November:  jlfanartcontest.com

Good luck!


  1. Love Henry Cavill's moustache saga. Nice fan art. Superman looks imposing! D.

  2. Pleaseeeeeeeeee no more deaths! was heartbroken when supes "died" I can't wait for JL only a few months away. :)

  3. Can't wait for JL, especially Supes return! I like how they chose Steppenwolf as the villain, too. His story for the film seems to be akin to the one he had in his debut back in the 70s, where he despised working for Darkseid and had little care for him despite his being his nephew.

    Oh, the wait is too much! I'm suffocating!


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