Saturday, June 23, 2018

'Mission: Impossible Fallout' Challenge Coins Are In The Mail

The Mission: Impossible Fallout challenge coins are in the mail!

Gary posted his, thanking Henry for the lovely surprise.

As you probably know, Henry began giving out the coins to the cast and crew of his projects when he wrapped Man of Steel, and has continued the tradition through the years. This time around, Henry poked fun at his infamous moustache... yes, that's Tom Cruise parachuting from it (as seen first in a fan-made poster).

The mementos arrive not a moment too soon, with M:I Fallout just a few weeks away! (July 27).

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  1. I actually really like the coin idea Henry has going once he finishes filming. It's the little things that matter most! such a humble person. :) Nicole

    1. It's a really nice keepsake for everyone who worked on those sets.

    2. Got my coin yesterday. Stunned as I worked miles behind the scenes and wouldn't have imagined being on any list of people to thank.
      Deeply touched and thankful. Well played sir.

    3. Lucky! and congratulations on the film.

  2. Yep got my coin, it is a very nice touch to the end of a movie and hope to work on many more of his.

  3. Congratulations, all recipients! *smiles* D.

  4. I got my coin today too. Such a nice gesture from such a nice gentleman. Did not imagine since we were on Abu Dhabi set. We need more humble and kind people like Henry in this World. Thanks Henry...


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