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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Henry's Throwback To Durrell Challenge: Thanks Fans, More

Here be a picture of me looking muchos proud of myself! But why? I hear you ask. Well, dear Follower, this was immediately after the Durrell Challenge back in Jersey. Yes! 13k of hills and good times round the island on a perfect day for a run with a number of other badasses who had the same idea as me! Seriously proud of all of you who made their way to Jersey for the run and to experience the zoo itself! I'm also very proud of anyone who raised some money to donate towards the efforts at Durrell, adopted an animal, or even just spread the word. You guys are legends! Thank you. The other reason im looking so chuffed is because Bentley lent me that car for the weekend so I could ride around in style when I wasnt running around in short shorts! And lastly, those may be the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn....ever #DurrellChallenge #YouAreAllBadasses @Durrell_JerseyZoo @BentleyMotors #Bentley #ComfyShoes #IHopeYouLikeLongCaptions
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Is that a speech, or is that a speech?

Go Mr. Durrell ambassador! We're all ready for next year!

P.S. You can still donate to the official fundraising page for The Durrell Challenge 2018. Catch up on everything from this year's event, including our interview with Henry!

UPDATE (6/8): Someone is ready to ride!

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  1. Wow!!!_sweet thanks for sharing

  2. Wow que super auto!!
    Mi muñequito de pastel, gracias a ti por dejarnos ser tus complices. Nos inspiras, nos motivas, nos haces reir, nos haces soñar, te mereces todo el amor que que das. I love you Henry.

    1. Translation for Blanca June 7, 2018 at 10:02 PM by Rebecca
      Wow that super car!!
      My gorgeous man, thank you for letting us be your accomplices. You inspire us, you motivate us, you make us laugh, you make us dream, you deserve all the love you give. I love you Henry.

  3. What a sweet rude!!! Gonna be a hot weekend. I'm one if your new fans. I believe all the other actors need to move over...you've got what it takes!!

  4. Well done everyone who was able to go and run to support Durrell! Now I must know... What shoes are they??

  5. I thought he bought a bentley? Thought I read something about that or am I thinking of something else?

  6. He he =D
    Henry, you truly are a gift...just please, please be careful on that bike xo

  7. Oo haha! Wow, he seems in a mighty good mood! *big smiles* I just love a long caption by Henry Cavill; it's always meaningful! I think I'd caption this one a bit long too. Something like.. Ladies and Gentlemen, "The Finer Things In Life"... 'A Classy Handsome Man Photographed Here With His Bentley On A Sunny Summer Day On A Beautiful Island'. The list includes the man, the car, the place, his shoes, his style, his character, his cause, his accomplishments, his honor, his pride, and the romance. *smiles* D.

  8. In the words of T'challa get this man a cape! so ready for MOS2 hope Zack comes back loved his work and his vision.

  9. Boys and their toys.


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