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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Teen Choice Awards: Superman Working HARD For Your Votes!

You had us at "tight blue outfit," Superman!

As you can see Henry has been working hard for that Teen Choice Award (with Kal overseeing his efforts), so GET VOTING and don't stop until you reach your daily 10 vote cap. The first round closes Tuesday.

Soooo... where do you think we'll see Supes show up next on the big screen?

Henry, you big teaser, you!

Warner Bros.


  1. Henry you make it easy to Love you. Can't wait to see you suit up as Superman again.

  2. Est√° es una SUPER noticia!!
    Wow Que emoción!!!!
    Gracias por compartir y gracias por tu sonrisa.Kal so cute waiting for you.I LOVE YOU!!

    1. Translation for Blanca June 18, 2018 at 8:00 AM by Rebecca
      This is SUPER news!
      Wow What an emotion!!!!
      Thanks for sharing and thanks for your smile. Kal so cute waiting for you.I LOVE YOU!!

  3. Cómo admiro a este hombre por luchar por lo que desea. Me encantan sus post cuando muestra su sentido del humor. Quiero verlo como James Bond. Creo que sería perfecto. Y me encantaría también en una comedia. Acá en mi país lo admiran mucho como Superman el fandom de este personaje.

    1. Translation for BleedyMery June 19, 2018 at 2:43 PM by Rebecca
      How I admire this man for fighting for what he wants. I love his post when he shows his sense of humour. I want to see him as James Bond. I think he would be perfect. And I would love him in a comedy too. Here in my country they admire him as much as the fandom of his character Superman.


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