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Friday, June 29, 2018

New 'M:I Fallout' Promo Pic In Mexico's 'Sky View' Magazine

"The man behind the hero"

Henry is on the cover of Mexico's Sky View magazine, and they've released a preview that includes a new promo photo of him inside. The July issue also has an exclusive Mission: Impossible Fallout interview with Henry. The magazine is only available to subscribers...

We'll bring it to you, if/when it's shared online.

Image: Paramount Pictures


  1. Translation for SKY VIEW 8:02 PM - Jun 29, 2018
    THE MAN BEHIND THE HERO: we received #julio an exclusive interview with #HenryCavill for #MissionImpossible#Fallout

    #FEINationsCup: the most impressive equestrian event.@ samsmithworld in #Mexico.
    Zen journeys to heal soul and body.

  2. Translation for SKY VIEW @revistaskyview 11:52 PM - Jun 29, 2018 by Rebecca
    Replying to @dianamndez and 12 others
    Hi, Diana! The magazine is exclusive for @skymexico subscribers. You can get more information here:https://www.sky.com.mx/suscriptor/centro-de-ayuda/preguntas-frecuentes/revista-sky-view/que-es-la-revista-sky-view.html …

  3. The smoldering look and that dimple. Please forgive my unsavory thoughts. 😄😄

  4. Mmm.. So handsome! *smiles* D.


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