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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sneak Peek: Henry In August Issue Of Men's Journal

A big thanks to Rachelle for sharing this first look at Henry's new feature, in the August issue of Men's Journal. That background looks familiar... Yes?

Last April Henry attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and later posted the photo with Kal from the nearby gorgeous desert area. It now looks like he was there for the magazine shoot.

UPDATE: Here's the (low-res) cover! via @Steph78206

More details and pics as we get them.

UPDATE #2: The photographs included as part of the article, shot by Jeff Lipsky.


  1. thank you for sharing ! amazing photos !

  2. Sweet he looks so handsome and thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you for sharing these great photo's from Nevada 👌

  4. Magnificent ����. This shoot ticks all the boxes:
    - breathtaking Henry ❤
    - sweet Kal ❤
    - epic location
    - amazing clothes
    - motorbike
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!! Thank you Jeff for taking the photos! And thank you Marianne and Colin for Henry xx

  5. Wow! Very good photos!:D

  6. Thank you for the beautiful photos. My favorite Henry and Kal both smiling on the motorcycle. Can't wait the magazine comes out on my Birthday. Happy Birthday to me.😀

  7. Great pics. Henry is hot as usual and Kal doesn't seem to take any bad photos either.

  8. What an amazing pics, Henry is such a great human being and awesome actor, LOVEEE HIM!!!


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