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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

'M:I Fallout' Fight Footage, Henry Shares Details, UK Premiere

A little over one month to go until the Mission: Impossible Fallout release, and there's more badass bathroom fight footage to share!

Film distributor Andes Films Chile posted the clip at the top, that includes the new video. Just a few days ago Henry mentioned the fight, after Tom Cruise shared this cool ad on his Instagram (click on the image to watch).

Director Chris McQuarrie also revealed some neat details about filming the violent scene...

And we cannot forget Liang Yang, who is the one taking on both Tom and Henry in that very white bathroom. Henry introduced him to fans last summer.

Hi everyone! Meet Liang Yang who is another member of Eastwood Action Stunts. He hails from Harbin, China which is famous for building palaces made of ice during the winter!! I’m being serious here, actual palaces, Google that stuff....it’s nuts. Liang, before moving over to stunts, was a Chinese Wu Shu champion and it truly shows in his ability to move and fight with precision but also extraordinary speed and endurance. While I was shattered after the work we did together he seemed unfazed and remained smiling…. a true champion in ability and especially character. @LiangStunts @WadeEastwood #Stunties #MissionImpossible #MI6 #ChineseSuperman Edit: having read your comments I realise that an addendum to this post is necessary....Liang and I are not just spending time in a public lavatory together....it's a movie set. At least I hope it is, otherwise the bathrooms at Leavesden are faaaaar too busy for a working day!
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Many of you are SO pumped after watching Henry's signature move in the fight, that you've tried recreating it... wiiith not much success.

Hey, he is not Superman for nothing!

Mission: Impossible Fallout hits theatres July 27.

UPDATE: We have a second potential date to add to our promo tour calendar. The Media Eye is reporting that the film's UK premiere will be held a day after the Paris one, and that Henry will be in attendance.

UPDATE #2: Another date! 


Please keep in mind these dates are subject to change, as they are not officially confirmed by Paramount Pictures. More to come.


  1. I cannot wait to see this movie and how great the stunts are.

  2. I don't know how he will be, but I WANT to SEE a film about August Walker!!!

  3. I can't wait sweet he is not superman for nothing!!!!

  4. Si, muy pronto se acerca la hora del cuchi cuchi( I mean time to enjoy)
    This fabulous film.

  5. Henry always looks scary when he gets serious. That's talent...


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