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Thursday, October 6, 2016

JL Update: Ben Part Of Iceland Shoot, Kent Farm Demolished

The Bat is definitely part of the Justice League shoot in Iceland!

Ben Affleck confirmed the news on Live with Kelly today (and will likely be joined by Aquaman). We also got a peek at the set, courtesy of local media.

And while at one point it looked like the Kent Farm was getting ready for filming, it's now been demolished. What that means for the movie, we don't know yet.

Look for the latest filming updates as they come in.

UPDATE 10/7: Jason Momoa is saying goodbye to the Warner Bros. studios in Leavesden, by giving us a look at Aquaman between takes. Nice!


  1. 1 day to go!

    Are you in England yet? HCN.

    1. Ready to go.. I think. Let's hope for a strong signal!

  2. Hello Again Mr Cavill. When being home and work Can intersect for you. All is right with the world.


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