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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"He Has This Goodwill, And Is Polished, And Is You Know.. Pure"

Batman v Superman BTS/Warner Bros/Clay Enos

Gal Gadot has been promoting her new comedy "Keeping up with the Joneses," just after wrapping Justice League. HeyUGuys took the opportunity to ask her about her experience working with Henry and everyone else on set, and she had the best answer:

"It's funny 'cuz literally each and every one of them is the character in a weird way. Henry is super.. you know.. he has this goodwill, and is polished, and is.. you know pure." 

Aww, Wonder Woman rocks.. which is why we're happy that she tops Entertainment Weekly's list of the 50 Most Powerful Superheroes. Batman was #3, followed by Supes:

So much about Superman — essentially America’s first superhero — feels quaint today. Truth, Justice, and the American Way were simple ideals for a simpler time, and his Boy Scout mentality may feel out of step with the darker, more tortured superheroes who fill our movie theaters and television screens today. But this alien from Krypton, armed with superstrength, superspeed, X-ray vision, and flight, is the superhero we all identified with first.

Today, as America grapples for what it stands for, Superman — charged with saving humans from themselves, even when he isn’t wanted — may have renewed relevance. In Zack Synder’s interpretation of the Man of Steel, his Achilles’ heel isn’t just a physical aversion to kryptonite. Turns out those broad shoulders are equipped to carry around a ton of emotional baggage, too — loneliness and guilt are formidable opponents. Maybe Superman’s quest for connection, the ultimate immigrant story, is more poignant now than ever. —Nicole Sperling

Definitely the version of Superman we relate to, as we look ahead to Justice League. The one year mark getting closer! #Nov17.

Contributor: @Cavillsworth


  1. aww she super cute!!polished and good will, that's what makes Henry a great Superman! and hahaha Jason eats fish and drinks water LOL! more like Guinness :),we've see those instagram pics LOL! and Batmany? love it!! what a great clip!
    Thanks for sharing HCN! looking forward to all things Henry and JL this year!

  2. Goodwill. Polished. Pure. Superman to a tee.

  3. Agree pure yep thanks for the update cheers

  4. Goodwill,Polished and Pure.Those men are rare. Without really knowing Henry personally and at times just going by what his colleagues and people whom have met him say of him. I also genuinely just sense this great aura about him.I think I mentioned this before and so did Mr.Snyder (henry just has this innocence about him).I am sure Henry is far from perfect since we are all not perfect, but can't help but wish to meet a guy with great qualities and values. Anyways looking for ward to JL and MOS2 and Sand Castle.

  5. I'm asking just because I'm no native english speaker: polished and pure...can anyone describe what these characterstics mean? I mean, I know these adjectives but not as a description of somebodys character.
    Thank you in advance ;)

    1. Anonymous October 18, 2016 at 10:59 PM if you let me know your native tongue I'll let you know the equivalent in your language (assuming I speak it). However, pure (as in a characteristic) can mean virtuous, moral, honourable, honest, upstanding. Polished can mean accomplished, skillful, first-rate. A person can also be described as having polished manners which means they are refined, well bred, courteous. I hope this helps.

    2. Thank you, Rebecca! My native tongue is german.

    3. Pure = lauter
      Polished = gebildet

      I hope this helps

    4. The explanation in english did help, thank you.

      The german trsnslation does not fit but that was nice from you ;)

      (Lauter = louder)

    5. Lauter does mean louder but it also means pure as in sincere. For example "Meine Absichten sind lauter, deine Absichten are lauterer und Marias Absichten sind am lautersten" meaning "my intentions are sincere, your intentions are more sincere and Marias intentions are the most sincere."
      It is a less common use of the word but it does also mean pure. Describing someone as pure in English is a little less common too.
      Perhaps we grew up in different parts of Germany which is why you're not use to lauter meaning pure, honest, sincere etc. Give it a google.

    6. I've just looked up lauter in my German - English dictionary. The second meaning (after loud) is this:
      (= aufrichtig) honorable (US), honourable (Brit)
      Wahrheit honest
      ⇒ lauterer Wettbewerb fair competition
      So according to my dictionary it does mean like you said :-)

  6. HEY!!! just saw that Twitter feed about adopting Raymi!!! I did :) and he's so cute! just thought I'd share LOL!! and yet another reason we love Henry so much cuz he works really hard for the charities that he love!
    Ok done dorking out now LOL!

  7. Hi Dalgliesh It's clear that the more you take part in and share with others. The things you Care Deeply about. We are able to find and pull out from within our hidden treasures.


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