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Friday, October 28, 2016

'Batman v Superman' Coming To HBO Next Month

What could make Thanksgiving weekend even better?.. how about Batman v Superman on HBO.

The theatrical version of the film will premiere on the premium cable channel on Saturday, November 26. 

Leftovers and Supes? we're in! 

All images: Warner Bros. 

Thanks to Rene for the tip.


  1. I wish they would show the directors cut. More Clark and therefore Henry ��

  2. They should release the Ultimate Cut instead. Henry has WAY more screen time in there...

  3. That shot of Superman at the court house, is one of the best shots of the movie I think. I wish there's more Superman/JL updates. The wait feels like forever.

  4. Hi Dalgliesh I must be Honest. I am conflicted about the story line of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. I was touched by Supermans personal struggle; but torn by the hostile divide Batman created. That being said I will be watching it over and over again. The Director's Cut?


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