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Saturday, September 23, 2017

'Batkita' Has London Covered On This Batman Day

A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

The precision, the focus, the #Batkita watching over the city of London today.

Henry shared this "batsy" pic of Kal (who is no stranger to the role) to celebrate Batman, hours after he reminded fans about the importance of World Rhino Day. You can see some the work he does to help endangered species at cavillconservation.com.

We couldn't ask for a better Superman.

UPDATE: Batman got plenty of kudos on his day, including from Zack Snyder and Justice League Composer Danny Elfman.

Can't wait to see Ben Affleck reunite with Henry in Justice League!


  1. Awwwwwww I love Kal-El. Look at those gorgeous ears of his.

  2. Loving all these updates. Henry is such a great daddy to his bear. I hope we get a family shot soon.. Henry, Lucy and Kal. Will be so sweet to see them all together. Post soon Henry and welcome back to London hope you enjoyed your Florida trip.

    1. OMG I need that family shot now! It would be super sweet

  3. 'Batkita' is very cute... Happy for the rhinos. D.


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