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Thursday, September 14, 2017

New 'Justice League' Image, Throwback Thursday With Supes

We've seen a bit of this scene involving Ezra Miller's The Flash in the Justice League trailer, now a new detailed photo is out. And there are tons of clues if you look closely! - Read more at Comicbook.com.

For those of you not familiar with the big bad in the film, Nerdist has a new article you'll want to read...

As we wait to see more of Supes during the Justice League promo, here's a new throwback to Henry's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel during the Batman v Superman tour. Thanks Cesar!

UPDATE: Look who just popped up in the latest contest over at jointheleague.dccomics.com. Go Superman!



  1. Can't wait for this movie! 64 more days! the excitement is real. Idk how many times I will watch it XD Nicole

  2. Justice League comes out my Birthday Month November! Super excited!


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