Thursday, September 14, 2017

New 'Justice League' Image, Throwback Thursday With Supes

We've seen a bit of this scene involving Ezra Miller's The Flash in the Justice League trailer, now a new detailed photo is out. And there are tons of clues if you look closely! - Read more at

For those of you not familiar with the big bad in the film, Nerdist has a new article you'll want to read...

As we wait to see more of Supes during the Justice League promo, here's a new throwback to Henry's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel during the Batman v Superman tour. Thanks Cesar!

UPDATE: Look who just popped up in the latest contest over at Go Superman!



  1. Can't wait for this movie! 64 more days! the excitement is real. Idk how many times I will watch it XD Nicole

  2. Justice League comes out my Birthday Month November! Super excited!


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