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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

'Mission: Impossible 6' Reportedly Resumes Filming In England

Tom Cruise told Extra earlier this month, that Mission: Impossible 6 would resume filming soon now that he's recovered from a set injury. Today British media is reporting that production has set up at a park in Essex, northeast of London. We're not sure if Henry is required to be there... but he did post a video of Kal from a park, to celebrate National Fitness Day!

Hello All, today is National Fitness Day here in the UK. So Kal and I have decided to extend our usual walk and make more of a meal of it! Starting fitness can be one of the hardest things to do, believe me I know, I've had to start and restart so many times over the years and that's where my problem has been. Once you start.... just keep going. It doesn't need to be a workout of the gods everyday just a little something, much like the walk Kal and I are on today. I know everyone says, "you'll feel better" and "it'll change your life" which are easy words when you're the fit one right? Annoyingly, they are exactly right. But this time its coming from someone who used to be called Fat Cavill and indeed sometimes revisits those glory days after too many beers, pizzas and curries. I know those first steps aren't the most comfortable, or the easiest but they are the most rewarding especially if you take them at your own pace. Alot of us struggle to find the time to get our workouts in, but if you make the time, I promise that you will genuinely benefit from it in all walks of life. Especially while walking bears. Make it your choice and you will achieve it. Do it for you! #NationalFitnessDay #KalFit #WorkoutBear
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The M:I6 filming at Thorndon Country Park is expected to last through the middle of next week.

Read the rest, and keep checking back for production updates!


  1. That's one "kick ass" dog!

  2. Kal's awesome! And Tom is pretty fit for a guy his age if he's already back in the game...

  3. *Smiles* Such a cute dog. He's happy, he's loving it. *kisses* D.


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