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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Henry On Cover Of 'Close Up' Magazine, Batman v Superman Trailer Hype, Brazil Convention

You know the promo for Batman v Superman is finally kicking in, when you start seeing Supes everywhere you look!

UK's 'Close Up' magazine has him on the cover of their upcoming issue, and it looks like we're getting a new interview too.

"This special issue is packed full of interviews, christmas gifts and the best from your local area! Out next week!"

Tell us about it, River! -- Like many of you we can't get enough of the new Batman v Superman trailer, and Ben Affleck introduced a shorter version of it during Good Morning America Friday. Check it out..

Some people are worried that the new trailer reveals too much (it doesn't), but if you don't believe us don't miss this MUST READ article that highlights the '10 Things the New Batman v Superman Trailer Didn’t Spoil About the Movie.' Really you guys.. there is A LOT we don't know.

This weekend Batman v Superman is being promoted at a huge convention in Brazil, and costume designer Michael Wilkinson will be there talking about his creations tomorrow.

The Warner Bros official twitter and Instagram, have also been sharing some really cool pics from the con that include some of the props used in the film.

We're ready to bring you updates as they come in. Go Supes!

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  1. Super excited for the movie. I have no doubt that it will be great! Thanks for sharing that article. Very nice read!

  2. Awesome ........super interesting.......thanks

  3. Translation for Twitter message by WB Pictures Brasil ✔@wbpictures_br 11:00 AM - 5 Dec 2015 by Rebecca
    3rd day of @CCXPoficial! Check out what has happened on our stand, and what is still to come. #WarnernaCCXP

  4. Translation of Instagram message by wbpictures_br by Rebecca
    The son of Krypton vs The Bat of Gotham. Who has seen the new trailer of #BatmanvsSuperman: The Dawn of Justice?! The original movie costumes are on display at the booth of Warner Bros Pictures Brazil! #WarnernaCCXP

  5. Translation for Twitter message by WB Pictures Brasil 1:20 PM - 3 Dec 2015 by Rebecca
    The CCXPoficial will start! Come check out our attractions of #BatmanvsSuperman and #SuicideSquad. #WarnernaCCXP

  6. Translation of Instagram message by wbpictures_br by Rebecca
    Come to the wbpictures_br booth in ccxpoficial to closely check the "gadgets" that the original Gotham vigilante will use to meet the Man of Steel in #BatmanvsSuperman!

  7. Translation of Instagram message by wbpictures_br by Rebecca
    Come check several original items of #BatmanvsSuperman that are on display at the #WarnernaCCXP booth, including this incredible high-tech Batman hood! #WarnernaCCXP

  8. Translation for Twitter message by WB Pictures Brasil 2:19 PM - 3 Dec 2015 by Rebecca
    The crowd is already freaking out over the original costumes #BatmanvsSuperman! #WarnernaCCXP

  9. Mmmmmm... I think I have just become a superman fan. Must see Man of Steel to see if he's as cute as he is in this cover shot

    1. You have to watch it so you're ready for Batman v Superman.. you're going to love Henry in Man of Steel. He's a great Supes.

    2. I've now watched Man of Steel and yes I am now a Superman fan.... and Henry Cavill fan. Looking forward to Batman v Superman. Go Superman!


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