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Monday, December 21, 2015

Solo's Shining Moment Gets Props, Henry's Name Pops Up In 'Immortals' Sequel Talk

It was by far our favorite scene in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and we're happy to see New York Magazine giving it some love!

The boat chase scene is among its 10 Best Movie Action Scenes of 2015:

Aside from the obligatory wisecracks, humor is often underused in modern action sequences, which is why Guy Ritchie’s (yes, Guy Ritchie’s) espionage romp The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was such a breath of fresh air this year. In what may be its best scene, dashing American agent Solo (Henry Cavill) and stoic Soviet agent Ilya (Armie Hammer) have to make a fast getaway on a speedboat after infiltrating a Roman shipping yard. But then Solo is accidentally thrown off the boat, swims ashore, gets in a truck, and takes a deep breath. Then he turns on the radio, sips some Chianti, and munches on a sandwich while Ilya, in the background, practically tears his butt off doing circles trying to escape the baddies. It’s a beautiful bit of visual humor, but it also gains elegant poignancy when, after Ilya’s boat sinks, Solo leaps back into the action by driving his truck right onto the villains’ boat and saving his drowning partner at the last minute.

Go Solo!

Henry also recently got props from his stunt double in the film:

Henry and I are pretty much the same height and build. He had to slim down from his role playing Superman in Man of Steel in order to shoot The Man from U.N.C.L.E; and I had to put on a bit more bulk to match him, but by the time it came to filming, we were exactly the same size. Henry is a very dedicated, intelligent and professional actor as well as being a very nice guy too.

You don't want to miss the rest (link below).

AskMen UK has a great new article that highlights the gorgeous suits Henry wore in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and the choices the designer made for him based on his Superman frame.

And we're keeping our fingers crossed for composer Daniel Pemberton. The score from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. has made the list of the music eligible to be nominated for an Oscar. The nominations will be announced on January 14. The Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, Feb. 28.

A quick follow-up about a potential Immortals sequel. This past week Henry's name was once again linked to the film, following news of Relativity's latest move to get out of bankruptcy. The company listed the sequel, as part of a slate of projected film releases in the next few years:

By far the most profitable on the list is “Immortals 2,” which Kavanaugh has previously said will star Cavill. The sequel’s profile would ratchet up considerably from the original thanks to the actor’s current gig as Superman. It has a budget of $146 million with distribution costs $119.3 million — resulting in nearly $27 million in gravy.

Henry has not mentioned whether he would in fact return to the role of Theseus, and Variety reports that Relativity may soon find itself fighting for the rights to the film with one of its business partners:

A lawyer for Manchester Securities Corp., a subsidiary of giant hedge fund Elliott Associates, noted that the interim financing it has provided Relativity continues as the case drags on. While it remains hopeful a reorganization will work, the financier’s lawyer said: “Manchester has been very patient while we work with debtor and Mr. Kavanaugh, but our patience is not endless….We are not on board with this plan yet.”

Elliott also gave notice that it does not acknowledge Relativity’s right to a sequel to the 2011 action fantasy “Immortals,” saying Manchester could claim its rights over the film, which it said is held in its library. A lawyer for Kavanaugh disputed that, saying the title belongs to Relativity, as long as it pays a fee.

The next update should come February 1st, when Relativity heads back to court to find out whether a judge approves its reorganization plan.

Would you like to see Henry back as Theseus?.. sound off below!

Contributor: Locarranza (thank you).


  1. To be honest, I'd rather see him in other roles than greek type roles because there's a lot out there, I feel one is enough for now. I see him in roles like James Bond and also want to see him in a villainous role for the first time, like an evil main character.

    1. +throughout the years second movies don't go well, unless they're as big as harry potter, fast and furious, etc.

  2. I think Kavanaugh is grasping at straws trying to emerge from Chp 11. He's claiming huge profits on a film in 2017 that hasn't even been made yet. Considering Cavill has to make JL1 in 2016 and to meet the projected release date of 11/2017, Immortals2 will have to be made, marketed, released within 11 months. That won't happen. Plus, the bulk of Kavanaugh's projected profits come from Immortals2 which is still a movie that has yet to be made. An experienced bankruptcy judge won't buy this. Kavanaugh just wants to be rid of the court's oversight so he'll say anything. My breath for Immortals2 will not be held.

    1. It does seem like even if the judge approves the plan, the red tape involving some of the titles in question could drag on for months.

  3. I love Henry's body type the most in his role as Theseus, lean and muscular, quick and agile. It doesn't seem like Immortals 2 is likely to happen anytime soon if at all. Personally, I'd like to see Henry in more UNCLE and potentially James Bond roles as opposed to comic book roles. I would also like to see him in more period dramas as well with that Theseus physique of course.

  4. We forget how different it looks on set, how much very hard work it is, and how lean Henry was!

    But sure! We'd like to see him in ANY movie, pretty much, wouldn't we? Well, not a bad one or an indecent one, but we can trust his judgement, I think.


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