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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Buzz For Nomis, Winnipeg Starts Taking Notice

We have a first sighting in Winnipeg!.. kinda.

Angie ran into Henry at Starbucks today (#SaltedCaramelMochaccinowithskinnycoconutmilk) but didn't realize it was him until after she'd left.. which makes her expletive-filled reaction understandable. 

With Nomis reportedly starting principal photography this week, fans living in the chilly city are beginning to take notice.

Henry even got some timely tips on what to see and do while he's there..  

Hopefully he has time! -- If Nomis is filming for only a month, that means a very tight schedule with no time to waste. Then again, that maple syrup cocktail does sound tasty.

We know Sir Ben Kingsley was on his way to Winnipeg earlier this week, along with his bodyguard who shared this pic.

No word on whether Alexandra Daddario has arrived, but we hope she bundles up with temperatures in the twenties *but* above zero for now. BRRRR.

UPDATE: Sounds like she's there too now!

We're so excited to bring you production updates as we get them, in the meantime here's our initial wrap.


  1. Welcome back to Canada Henry :) bundle up, and looking forward to the updates :)

  2. OMGOSH!! So exciting!! I hope he shares with us anything & everything he is doing there!! Good Luck Henry!! ❤

  3. I think I may have also bumped into Henry at a Starbucks in Vancouver,BC around the time MOS was filming. I think about it all the time. He had on a white shirt, rolled up sleeves (like he usually does) and nice grey Trouser. Gosh, I cried thinking, it could've been him??? And when I think about it, I want to cry. Cause then I saw a picture of him dressed exactly like I saw him and I got chills. His eyes and eyebrows is what really caught my attention but never crossed my mind in that moment it could've/was Henry. If it was him, my god, he is just an awe in person. Going to bed and feel like crap for a while. I feel silly just talking about it.

    1. I understand your disappointment. Lol.i hope you one day get another chance to meet him.


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