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Saturday, February 4, 2017

England Rugby's #1 Fan Is Back!

We were wondering when that lucky hat was going to make its return!

Henry sharing his excitement (and advanced knowledge of Instagram filters) as he cheers for England, that's taking part in the Six Nations Rugby Tournament.

He's a big fan of the team, and they know it..

Carry them home!


  1. that's so great! love that Henry's a proud supporter! and of course that lucky hat how can the team lose???? they have 2 good luck charms on their side! Henry of course being the best one! good luck England!
    Thanks for sharing HCN and Henry! stay warm everyone!

    1. Yeah i agree the best of luck england well said Daniela

  2. That hat gives me the creeps lol

  3. Guys I found out my mother met Henry earlier this norning and I could just cry :'(( She asked me if I wanted to come with her as well and I said no cause couldnt be assed to get dressed. Just hate myself rn :(

    1. Oh no! we're happy for her though. Let us know if she wants to share her story with his fans henrycavillnews@gmail.com Don't feel bad, hopefully you get to meet him sometime. Thank you for sharing!

    2. Thanks so much Staff Writer I'll pass on your love to her :)) Not much of a story he was behind her in the cue and had a brief chat and that was pretty much it she didn't want to ask for a photo or anything as she thought that would be out of place as it looked like he was with someone else. My mother can be quite shy lol I know I shouldn't but do feel so mad at myself it would be a dream to meet him :(( well hopefully one day eh xx

    3. Aww congrats to your mum Anon @ 9:42AM
      Fingers crossed you meet him too.


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