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Sunday, February 5, 2017

New Justice League Image & The Kents Smile For The Camera

Image: Warner Brothers/GamesRadar

Still no Supes, but check out this new still from Justice League!

It was released by GamesRadar ahead of the print release on Total Film this Friday, and everyone looks FIERCE. The article includes some new quotes from Zack Snyder (click to read via @OnlyBraniac).

We're not expecting any promo during the Super Bowl, so this was a nice surprise.

While Superman doesn't make an appearance, that background sure looks like a Kryptonian ship..

What do you guys think?

This week director Zack Snyder also posted a pic of Clark's parents on his Vero account, leaving many wondering if they will be appearing in Justice League.

And guess who is front and center, in the opening credits of the new TV show "Powerless?"

SUPERMAN.. who Thor also seems to admire ;)

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  1. That picture is so great! So excited for this movie :) I'm glad they are keeping Supes under wraps :) seeing him for the first time on the big screen when he comes back will be sooo worth it :)
    Thanks for sharing HCN! Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!

  2. Hmmm, I don't think it's the scout ship, interior has a different texture and flow in MOS and the walkways were segmented teardrops as well, so that also looks very different. Perhaps it's a parademon hive or something related to Stepphenwolf would be my guess since they are in defensive postures.

    1. The parademon hive did cross my mind. You're right. This is probably my favorite still, everyone looks amazing.


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