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Monday, February 6, 2017

Total Film: "Superman Goes To War"

"Superman goes to War.."

That's one flashy headline that immediately caught the attention of DC fans excited about the Justice League feature included in the new issue of Total Film. But as @DCComicsUnited pointed out, when the magazine mentioned Supes, they meant Henry in Sand Castle!

The issue is out Friday, so we'll update the post when we get a first look. In the meantime, Henry's manager has shown her support for Captain Syverson on social media.

 Sand Castle is out on Netflix this spring.

UPDATE: @SergioEES has shared with us the article that includes new quotes from Henry and a release date of April 14. Just hit the pics below!


  1. Even "bloody" he's still a handsome gent! Goodness!!! Glad that Sand Castle is getting a lot of promotion :) looking forward to seeing Henry in a different roll even though he really is the BEST SUPERMAN EVER!!!!
    Thanks for sharing HCN!

  2. Never seen a battle-scarred Superman, lol! Can't wait for this flick!

  3. DCEU!!! Lego Batman Movie out on Friday here! No matter what I will always support DCEU (and Marvel), mostly DC.

  4. Is there an exact release date for Sand Castle?

    1. Not yet, we'll let you know as soon as we hear.

  5. Looking forward to seeing this movie, as Henry is a very good actor. Coming out on Netflix April 14th.


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