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Sunday, July 22, 2018

'Mission: Impossible Fallout' DC Premiere

The Mission: Impossible Fallout premiere in Washington, DC was the last stop on the official press tour for the cast, and we were lucky enough to talk to several of them. First up of course, Henry had a message for you!

Tom, Simon and director Chris McQuarrie also had some awesome things to say about working with Henry.

And here is McQuarrie introducing Henry at the screening tonight. Check our Instagram story for many more fun moments (with a cameo by Henry's brother Charlie and manager Dany Garcia) from the National Air and Space Museum!

All pics and videos below. 

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WOW, ich kann meine Emotionen kaum in Worte fassen 🤩 Wenn mir gestern jemand gesagt hätte, dass ich heute ein Foto mit Henry Cavill machen würde, hätte ich es einfach nicht geglaubt. Aber jetzt ist es echt Realität geworden 😍 7h unter anderem im Regen zu warten, hat sich definitiv ausgezahlt! Einmal Henry Cavill persönlich zu treffen und dann noch dazu ein Foto zu machen, ein Traum wurde wahr 🤩😍 Ich bin überglücklich, dass ich das erleben durfte und bin unendlich dankbar 😊😊 @henrycavill it was a great pleasure for me meeting you! You're such a Gentleman, very polite, kind and patient. Thanks for making a check on my life goals list 🤩 And remember, when coming to Graz, @sandywantstobeaschwa and me are going to pick you up at the airport 😅😉😍 #washingtondc #missionimpossible #missionimpossiblepremiere #henrycavill #augustwalker #overjoyed #stillcantbelieveit #omg #didthisreallyhappen #thankyou #youreamazing #happyme #tiredbuthappy #lifegoal #henrycavillfan #redcarpet #superman #manofsteel
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  1. This is amazing coverage! Thanks so much for all that you do for us fans. I have a problem following you on Instagram. When I search for you, it says "user not found". What am I doing wrong? Please help!

  2. W.O.W.!! *big smile* "Henry's awesome".. Tom says, not just me! D.

  3. Great coverage of this event. I live in DC and just found out about the DC premiere of MI6 and it was too late to procure tickets. Plus I was under the weather and what made it especially painful was it was my birthday as well.

    1. Happy belated birthday! -- Thank you so much.

  4. Translation for caroline_dbi Instagram by Rebecca
    WOW, I can barely put my emotions into words. If someone told me yesterday that I would take a picture today with Henry Cavill, I just would not have believed it. But now it has become reality. 7 hours among other things to wait in the rain, has definitely paid off! Once to meet Henry Cavill in person and then to take a picture, a dream came true. I am overjoyed that I was allowed to experience this and I am eternally grateful.

  5. Translation for cancheperoles12 Instagram by Rebecca
    Here drooling and happy.


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