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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Superman Represented At Comic-Con 2018

DC at the SDCC convention floor

We're back at Comic-Con to bring you everything Supes related, and of course to celebrate his 80th birthday!

While we are not expecting to hear news on a Man of Steel sequel just yet (Henry did say it could take a bit), there is plenty of Superman memorabilia for fans visiting the convention floor.

From limited edition comic books, to awesome t-shirts and we SO WANT that watch...

This collectible coming at such a timely time, with Henry having just mentioned he would love his Supes to face off against Brainiac.

Again... WANT

DC also has several panels at SDCC, that include appearances by Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. Warner Bros will take over Hall H on Saturday morning, to preview its upcoming DC films including Aquaman and Shazam. You can follow our updates from San Diego on our social media. Go Supes!

P.S. This is what Henry thinks about the Snyder Cut. Don't miss all his interviews from the M:I Fallout press tour. 


  1. So excited for SDCC!! I really hope, for Henry, that a MoS2 goes into production very soon. Fingers crossed for a big announcement over the weekend. Henry is certainly putting in a lot of hard a the gym...for something =) xo

  2. I hope they bring back the Hans Zimmer Score for MOS2


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