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Monday, July 9, 2018

M:I Fallout's Great Reviews, Henry's Reaction, Screening Pics

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It's been an incredible start to premiere week, with Henry in Paris to kick of the world tour. Today he watched the just finished Mission: Impossible Fallout for the first time, and shared his excitement with all of us!

Henry wasn't the only one raving about the film...

We LOVED reading this!!

That bathroom fight scene... already iconic.

Then came more good news...

Julia also shared her new pic with Henry in Paris. She was lucky enough to see some of the filming when it was going on last spring, so today was more of a reunion. Thanks guys!!

Here are the HQ pics from the screening, as Henry signed autographs at the theater.


  1. Pues como gueyes no!!!
    Si tú eres el más chingón de todos, que super alegria siento de verte en mi ciudad favorita me trae dulces recuerdos. Porfavor HCN GUYS como puedo saber donde sera la premier aqui en USA.??

    1. Translation forBlanca July 9, 2018 at 7:18 PM by Rebecca
      You are the greatest of them all, what super joy I feel to see you in my favourite city, brings me sweet memories. Please HCN GUYS how can I find out where the premiere will be here in the USA?

  2. Thanks Rebecca your the best!

    1. No need to thank me Blanca.
      No tienes que agradecerme.

  3. Glad to see him so happy with it. *smiles* The reviews are so good. D


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