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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

101 On English Slang: Henry's New Post

One of the funniest interviews coming out of the Mission: Impossible Fallout press tour comes courtesy of Vanity Fair. Today Henry shared a clip. You can watch the rest below.

Keep up with ALL of Henry's Mission: Impossible Fallout junket interviews by checking out this post.


  1. Love this...Henry and Simon need their own show =) xx

  2. Hi, I think this won't count, but because I don'have facebook or Instagram account, I will post my #askHenryCavill questions here. Maybe somebody sees them.
    1. How many nephews do you have?
    2. Which principles and virtues in life must follow your gf/wife or people you respect?
    3. When you settle down, do you see yourself in a house in the countryside or in the town and does it have to be in the UK or another EU country is acceptable?:)


  3. This is very funny! I agree, they should have their own show. I heard that Henry said that he and Simon shared the same sense of humor.

  4. I love Henry's laugh. He has a great sense of humor.


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