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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Henry On Embracing Life, Kal's Popularity, Career Plans, More

100 degree heat you say? -- Henry and Kal made it look effogrtless!

Henry is covering next month's Men's Journal, and you don't want to miss Jeff Lipsky's fab photos and the really hot behind the scenes.

Today we have Henry’s interview to share with you, so make sure to click on the pics and give it a read. He talks about his love for Italian motorcycles, his family and related role as ambassador for the Royal Marines Charity, his role in Mission: Impossible Fallout, the new home he's building in South Florida and much more!


  1. Can’t wait till it hits newsstands. Another fabulous interview. (Good grief if he rides from Alaska to Baja — he will ride right past my exit. Open invitation to stop by, Henry. Use the bathroom. Have a drink. 😉😉)

  2. Feel free to stop by my place and have a drink as well Henry. That is if you are passing through Lawrence Kansas ��


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