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Friday, July 27, 2018

'M:I Fallout' Is Out: Enjoy & Cheer For Henry! + Miami Press Day

Director Chris McQuarrie today shared this new behind the scenes photo from the New Zealand set of Mission: Impossible Fallout that IS OUT TODAY!!

Henry just shared the featurette that spotlights August Walker, and the clip below is also a must watch before you head to the theater to watch the film in IMAX preferably.

Henry has been hard at work all day in Miami, promoting the film on opening day. Make sure to keep up with all of his fun and insightful interviews in our junket wrap and also on our YouTube Playlist.

Just interviewed the real Super Man ... Say what???Yeees @henrycavill used to played the role of Super Man BUT thats not the reason of my interview ... The main reason is that he just played a very fascinating role in the lasted @missionimpossible movie with the one and only @tomcruise yeap 💪🏻🙌🏻❤️ 🙌🏻 #Missionimpossiblefallout is an incredible and fantastic movie with insane actions. This movie leaves everybody anxious at every minute because theres always something amazing happening . The visual effects are on another level . The images from the movie make you feel that you are inside the movie. Every actor played a magnificent role and it seems like Tom Cruise doesn't ages. In general I recommend this movie 100 % And the best news is that the movie is out Today so go watch it this weekend ❤️🎥 Soon Ill share my interview with #henrycavill 💯#tomcruise #missionimpossible #henrycavill #ariglobal @ariglobal
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UPDATE: The interviews from Miami are starting to come in... SEE THEM ALL ON OUR YOUTUBE PLAYLIST.

Watch Primer Impacto's Interview below...

Join the crowds this weekend and cheer for Henry and the rest of the Mission: Impossible Fallout cast in the theater, and come back and let us know what you thought. You better believe if Jerry Bruckheimer was blown away... it's one incredible thrill ride!


P.S. China, you have a release date!


  1. I have excepted the mission. Just saw Mission Impossible Fallout, my heart is still in my throat!! What a awesome movie!! Now I know why they had Henry Cavill grow a mustache. His beautiful face couldn't pull off badass August Walker. Imo. Well done Mr. Cavill. You are very talented. When does this movie become available on dvd.😄😄 thank you the wild ride.

  2. I LOVED THIS MOVIE! BEST one yet! Henry and Tom both gorgeous and ageless. Rebecca Ferguson kicking butt!FANTASTIC and lovely. Great script, great action.


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