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Monday, July 16, 2018

New Clips From Henry's Interview With Men's Journal

Henry is on the cover of the August issue of Men's Journal, and the magazine just released several new clips from their interview with him. In this first clip (hit the link) he talks about training with Roger Gracie.

In this clip he shares details on maintaining his Superman physique, and in the clip below he remembers #Kingstache.

Catch up on everything else from the issue that's now on sale, in this post.

UPDATE: The magazine has released this still without the text.

Jeff Lipsky


  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Safe journey on to Tokyo, Henry!!

  2. The Men’s Journal shoot is one of my top favorites of Henry! They really did him justice with the James Dean-esque styling. And of course, the photo of Henry and Kal on the Ducati is so incredibly heart warming. Nothing wears better than a big, beautiful smile and one’s best friend! It’s pure joy. That photo makes me smile every time!


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