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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel Live: All Pics And Videos

Henry is on the last stretch of the Mission: Impossible Fallout press tour, and after making a stop at Yahoo and the Rich Eisen Show (more details as they come in), he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Here you'll find all the pics and videos from Hollywood.


Click  through the fan posts to see more of their pics

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Clarissa shared with us a few more of her pics and videos, and told us about Henry, "He was the nicest celebrity I will ever meet. So humble and sweet, he made sure he got to EVERYONE in line."

Thanks so much Clarissa!

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This fan pic was at one of his earlier stops in Los Angeles.

Next up, Miami!

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  1. Si que venga August!!!!
    Asi le damos gusto al gusto !!!!

  2. Translation of sebas_ga Instagram by Rebecca
    I still had not uploaded a shaved head photo and what better way to do it than with @henrycavill by my side!


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