Sunday, October 20, 2013

Exclusive: Cameras Roll On First Scenes Of 'Man Of Steel' Sequel

Yes, this was the highlight of the night. Like a boss!

We were lucky enough to be part of the crowd that hopefully will make it into The Man of Steel sequel in 2015. Director Zack Snyder shot the first scenes for the film at Weingart stadium in East Los Angeles Saturday. The set-up was a football game between Gotham City University and Metropolis State, and we were there rooting for Batman's team (or so we pretended).  

The filming took place during halftime of the real game going on, so Zack and his production team only had about 20 minutes to pull it off. There were two plays shot, one went in Gotham's favor, so we were supposed to cheer for them. The other went to Metropolis State and we had to boo (nobody tell Supes okay?). If you want a play by play check out this post. It was amazing to watch Zack direct the scenes that are supposed to be in the beginning of the film. You can see more of the game shot by a fan in this video. 

These are our exclusive photos from Saturday night. We don't tag them, but please credit/link back if you use. Henry and Ben are expected to begin work on Batman vs. Superman (working title) in February. We'll be bringing you the very latest as filming in Detroit gets closer. 

Click for HQ


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