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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Exclusive Pics & Video From The Set Of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Henry Cavill & Armie Hammer on the set of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Friday 

It's been a busy week for the cast and crew of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. They reportedly shot some scenes at Hankley Common where some of Skyfall was filmed, before moving on to the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Henry Cavill News reader @marliimarl was among the lucky fans who got to see some of the filming before that location wrapped Friday. She exclusively shared her HQ pictures and video with us, plus the exciting details of her two days on the U.N.C.L.E. set.

Filming got underway Thursday night, as extras dressed as German soldiers walked around unassumingly, and stuntmen practiced the scenes to be shot on the wartime looking set.

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Overview of the set

Guy briefing his team before the shoot

@marliimarl: This is the car I believe Henry will arrive/leave in and this is how they filmed it. The guy on the top is driving, and then they had an extra play the driver as he's slamming into a parking space in front of the building. I believe Henry will be sitting in the back of this car. This is from test runs before the actors shot the scene.

@Rizzie47 gives us another look at that same car 

When @marliimarl returned to the set Friday, she was in for a big treat. A little after she showed up, so did Henry with a few set visitors in tow.

@marliimarl: As for day 2, whoa!, SO much better than day 1! First of all, when Henry walked on the set he was with his family, never seen him so calm and happy before. It was just beautiful.

@marliimarl: I sat in the window through a few test runs of Henry's first scene, or I realized this later when I saw Henry shoot it :)

@marliimarl: Here is a video of what I saw; a car comes out quickly, then another car comes out. Shots are then fired, tires blow and the car swerves. There were no actors in the cars at this stage, again only test runs. And the music you hear is from the building opposite right, there was some kind of band practice! Must have annoyed the living daylight out of them!

We had a blast last night on the set of U.N.C.L.E. Car & gunshot scenes + Henry shooting in 1 scene

You can see the bullet holes in the car used in the scene, in this picture Gabi shared with us.

More now from @marliimarl: Then we had to move, security was going to lock up the building. I was GUTTED at this point, I really thought my night was over at the time. Then I got to the other side of the building I had been looking at from my window spot, and I immediately spotted Henry and Armie. I nearly fainted.

@marliimarl: I ended up with a tiny group of spectators in the shadows, leaning up against a fence but with an excellent view of the set, filming, and where the actors were chilling between takes. Bingo!

@marliimarl: At this spot I got to see set up and test shots of a scene where two cars are trying to get away and Henry's stand-in steps out (left hand side in front of the blue retro van) and fires 2 shots at the white little car and it swerves down the road. (basically what I have on video from the other side).

Then Henry stepped on to set, my heart was in my throat and all I wanted was to run down and throw myself at him. Drooool! This also meant that guards suddenly got allergic towards the sight of any mobile phones so I had to tuck it away in fear my nice guard would turn quite nasty.

At this point we had to move quite a bit to the right from what you can see in the video above so the building was covering a lot of my view. I only saw a tiiiny little corner of the scene with Henry. What I could see was basically what you see in the run-through videos above; I heard two shots, black and white striped car came out, Henry stepped forward as if he was about to get in, then car jumped forward a little bit and Henry had to turn around to get back in. He then said something to the driver. It was supposed to look as if it was an accident that the car jumped forward as he was getting in and I think a bit slapstick-y and funny. He did it about 3-4 times so it was not an accident, it was supposed to look as if it was.

@marliimarl: Then they did a reset and Henry went back into his little tent (black one to the right is Henry's and the black one to the left is Armie's). Swoon. He looks so stunning in his grey suit. I actually can't believe I met him wearing it. Ek!

Armie was hanging quite a bit outside his tent, went a lot to the catering trailer for snacks. Like a lot! At one point he was also throwing sweets or food or whatever was in that bag on someone. He was just very chilled wandering around in his brown suede jacket and flat cap.

Oh and I need to mention that Henry, when he walked onto the set shook everybody's hand. What a gentleman!

Then they did a break and this is when I was told lockdown was imminent and they were moving the set to the other side, so I left.

More set pics via ahmed_m0e

We'd like to thank @marlii_marl for the exclusive account, photos, and video from the latest set of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and @GabiSPN13 for her great pics as well. We look forward to bringing you the latest on the film, as we support Henry in his role as sexy spy Napoleon Solo. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is set to be released next year.


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