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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Two Big Moments In Henry's Two Big Films This Week

It's hard enough to keep up with filming for one movie, try two big studio projects!

This week we get to do just that.

Henry is back at work on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. set outside of London, after production returned from Rome last week. And starting tomorrow, the film will take over a UK racetrack where several key scenes will be shot over the next few days.

The set-up will reportedly involve the entire cast, dozens of extras, and some classic cars. If they are anything like what we saw in Italy, we're in for a treat! plus, you know.. Solo in a suit never disappoints (don't miss our latest exclusives). Look for updates as they come in. 

Exclusive photo from the Plaza set in Rome

Earlier this week Henry and some of the cast including Luca Calvani who plays villain Alexander, filmed some scenes in Aldershot. Luca posted these beautiful pictures on his Instagram account 

An actor who was there, hints it was an action scene.. 

Early call for Guy Ritchie film. Film version of 1960's popular TV show may the shoot out begin!

UPDATE 9/16: Luca has posted a photo from this week's racetrack location, and is that Armie Hammer & Alicia Vikander? lovely photo from the end of day one. 

And the extras are making us jealous..

So I basically got paid £220 today to stand next to Henry cavill for half of it

Amazing cars everywhere

My outfit and number for filming this week!! 60's pit girl ✌️ #1960

So no Henry sightings.. yet. But Andrew Zographos tweeted his experience after working with him for the day.

@AndrewZog: (..) absolutely incredible! Such a tank. Great guy, awesome attitude and hard worker :) love working with him.

If that wasn't enough to get you excited, Latino Review broke the news today via The East Los Angeles College Campus newspaper, that Batman vs. Superman will be filming its first scenes during a football game in L.A. this weekend.

Warner Bros. Pictures new untitled Superman/Batman project comes to film at East Los Angeles College Weingart stadium during halftime of the Oct. 19 Husky football game.

Zack Snyder who directed films such as this past summer’s blockbuster “Man of Steel,” and other movies like “300,” “Watchmen” and “Sucker Punch,” directs the upcoming film.

ELAC and Victor Valley College will kickoff the game at 6:30 p.m. At halftime, the stadium will transform into Gotham City University home stadium.

Warner Bros. Pictures announced through a press release that Snyder and producers of the film are looking for people in the Los Angeles area, preferably ELAC students, to be extras for the upcoming film.

The stadium will be made into the backdrop for a football game between Gotham City University and rival Metropolis State University.

The first 2,000 people who sit in the filming area of the stadium will receive T-shirts designed by Snyder for those participating in the filming and prizes will be raffled throughout the night.

The crowd will sport Gotham Citys colors, black and gold.

The film will shoot three takes of three plays during halftime. The crew will be capturing the actors and crowd’s reactions.

ELAC’s College event and Venue Coordinator, Ernest Burnett, said that the filming will be about 20 minutes during halftime. The second half of ELAC’s game will follow the film shoot.

Snyder decided to use ELAC’s stadium to support ELAC and the community.

“They could have done this on a night when we didn’t have a home game. They wanted to support the school,” Burnett said.

ELAC has approached the feature film industry to gain revenue for the college. Features films want to use ELAC because it’s a film friendly school.

“Our visibility among the film community is higher than a lot of schools and I have to give a lot of credit. The experiences of the people that have come and shot here are very good. Because students know the deal now, like they notice the production truck and then move on to class, it’s more common,” Burnett said.

“Feature films don’t usually use community college campuses, because feature films’ schedules change and we can’t accommodate. But we want their business because they come for weeks not just a day. We want to make a lot of money over a small smaller amount of time,” Burnett said.

“It’s also a big opportunity for us (ELAC), and to cheer on our Huskies. Victor Valley is not a bad team,” Burnett said.

A game between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University? we wouldn't miss it for the world! (and luckily we're partly based in LA). We called the college and confirmed with the Athletics department, that tickets are $5 and can only be bought at the gate Saturday.

The Wrap reports that a large section of the stadium has been blocked off for students. They added:

It wasn’t clear whether stars Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill would be anywhere near the scene; school officials who spoke to TheWrap were bound by nondisclosure agreements and Warner Bros. did not divulge details.

We can tell you we don't expect Henry to be there, since he's actually working the same day on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. set overseas. But follow us on twitter for all the fun that's set to come, as cameras roll for the first time on the Man of Steel sequel!  

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