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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Superheroes Doc, Man of Steel Q&A, Chris Young Loves Henry

If you missed the awesome superheroes documentary that aired on PBS this week, you can now watch all three parts online through the end of the month. Henry's Man of Steel is mentioned. Here's a little more on what you can expect. 

The Man of Steel Facebook page has this message for fans:

In anticipation of the November 12 release, Director Zack Snyder will be sitting down with Michael Shannon (General Zod) to discuss all things Man of Steel.

Have a question for the duo? Ask in the comment thread or use #AskSnyder & #AskZod (on twitter) for a chance to have your question featured in the conversation.

We know Henry listens to country music singer Chris Young, after he mentioned him during our coverage from the Superman 75th anniversary party at Comic-Con. Chris was flattered by Henry's comments, and according to Country Weekly he's now embracing his nerdy side:

“I still read comic books. Me and my stage manager are actually big, you know, like Batman, Superman [fans],” Chris told ABC News Radio.

And Chris has found a modern way to enjoy ’em.

“There’s an app that you can get where you can buy new comic books that are coming out and read ’em on your phone. So, sometimes if I’m going on a plane, I’ll buy a couple comics and read ’em on a plane,” he said.

“That’s pretty nerdy. Probably not something a grown man should be doing. I don’t know.”

And finally don't forget to follow us on twitter this weekend, as we head down to the L.A. stadium where the first scenes of Batman vs. Superman will be shot. Exciting times ahead!

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