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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Do Not Mess With Henry's Starbucks Order: BTS 'BvS' Pic

You know that personal assistant job we kinda wanted?.. ehhh.. NO.

But at least now we know what to get him for his birthday!

Funny Henry.. Get here already Justice League!!


  1. I still want to be his personal assistant :) that way I have a starbucks/pizza buddy :) LOL! And get to run around the movie set too!!!! LOL! Ok it's probably one of the hardest jobs BUT a girl can dream :)

  2. Looooool oh Henry! what are you like. The guy in front running looks worried! XD Another great shot! Is this from Mr Clay Enos photo catalogue?. Yeah Daniela one can only dream <3 Nicole :)

    1. Thats the camera runner haha

    2. Think she's aware of that lol.

  3. Hee hee.. the guy with the camera face


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