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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Behind The Scenes Photo From Men's Fitness Shoot

A photo posted by AAA - Ⓥ (@felix.aaa) on

Last summer while filming Justice League in England, Henry did a shoot with photographer Ben Watts for the September 2016 issue of Men's Fitness magazine. Felix.aaa was there, and shared some of the behind the scenes pics he took that day: 1/2. Now he's posted one new candid shot of Henry. Check out his Instagram for more of his work. You can find everything else from Henry's Men's Fitness issue in these posts: 1/2/3, including Kal's first magazine pics.. he's a natural!

Image: Felix.aaa


  1. cutting diamonds with that jawline is an understatement! what a handsome fellow! WOW! thanks for sharing HCN and @felix.aa and yes just like his dad Kal is a natural!

  2. Don't have words to describe this man anymore 😐. My heart is exhausted 😩. He's too much 😕. If I could rewrite my life to be in his presence for a hug,cuddles,walks in the park, walks along the beach 😏. A girl can dream right? Yeah,just dream.😪😪😪😪😪

  3. Thanks for the new info on henry cavill


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