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Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Pic: Henry And Kal Smile For The Camera In London

"Perfect day with Henry Cavill and beautiful Kal."

Alexandra_Dora_Nemes ran into Henry and his furry baby earlier today, in what looked like a crisp fall afternoon in London. And look at Kal smiling for the camera, just as photogenic as his dad!

The big news this week, is that you can now keep up with Henry on his official Instagram and Facebook. But we'll also continue to bring you the latest news on his projects and charity work. You can also expect us to keep sharing your fan pics and the stories of those who get to meet Henry. One of those lucky people is Corrado La Porta. He works at a club Henry frequents in London, and he got these two awesome pics with him last month.

"Superman finally back"

Corrado has hung out with Henry several other times this year, and has the hot pics to prove it.

Katy Matthews also shared her photo with Henry, after meeting him at a London pub earlier this year. She later ran into him again at the JustGiving awards. Henry will soon be leaving for Jordan to start filming Sand Castle with Luke Evans and Nicholas Hoult, so keep checking back for the very latest and everything Batman v Superman and Justice League as well.

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Thanks Mia/Marie


  1. It is nice to see Henry with his furry baby Kal El. I wish him the best and a safe trip to Jordan

    1. He even said it's not Kal-El just Kal. There is no El in his dog's name. Lol. ♡

    2. Oh ok. Then enjoy your walk with Kal! Walking my cat, spoiled cat, right now. Yes, I said cat...lol

  2. What a great pic. So handsome, both of them. Hope Henry has a safe journey to Jordan and enjoys filming Sand Castle. Much love to you and Kal-El!

  3. did my baby lose a bit of weight ?

  4. I hope he meets somebody amazing and falls madly in love and is really happy.

  5. Lovely pic with Kal in London...
    Thank you, Alexandra, Corrado, Katy, Mia, Marie & HCN :) <3

  6. thank for sharing.. Corrado thanks for the pics AGAIN ...hahaha!
    I noticed Henry is wearing UTAH under that jacket... just for his HH Harem! TF


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