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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Official Pictures From The 'Ugly Bug Ball' In Jersey

Henry with Lee Durrell

Durrell Wildlife has just posted the official photos from the Ugly Bug Ball last month, where Henry proudly represented them as their ambassador. You can see the rest on their Facebook, and everything else from the ball in our wrap. And don't forget to keep up with Henry's work with the charity at cavillconservation.com.


  1. The lady in blue representing my feeligs... just stared at him with her hand in the right place hahahaha!!! Waiting for another post btw my dear, hurry up!!!


    1. I know! That picture sums it up for me. I would be so #notcool.

    2. I think that lady is Henry's aunt Lilian haha :)

  2. Lovely pics...really special time/beautiful evening supporting Durrell...
    Thanks for sharing, everyone <3

  3. She was probably thinking that He is so dreamy. :)

  4. Une très beau challenge...et @henrycavill est toujours beau élégant et tellement séduisant...


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