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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Daniel Craig Offers Advice To His 007 Successor: "Don't be S**t"

This came out of nowhere.. or not.

After first saying that he may be ready to leave the Bond franchise, last week Daniel Craig insisted he was in it for the long run. And then he talked to Time Out:

Can you imagine doing another Bond movie?

‘Now? I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists. No, not at the moment. Not at all. That’s fine. I’m over it at the moment. We’re done. All I want to do is move on.’ (Us: Wohoo!).

You want to move on from Bond for good?

‘I haven’t given it any thought. For at least a year or two, I just don’t want to think about it. I don’t know what the next step is. I’ve no idea. Not because I’m trying to be cagey. Who the fuck knows? At the moment, we’ve done it. I’m not in discussion with anybody about anything. If I did another Bond movie, it would only be for the money.’

And Craig is also brutally honest, when it comes to talking about who could replace him (Henry is often mentioned in the press as a top candidate for the job):

Do you care who plays Bond after you?

‘Look, I don’t give a fuck. Good luck to them! All I care about is that if I stop doing these things we’ve left it in a good place and people pick it up and make it better. Make it better, that’s all.’

You won’t be backseat-driving then?

‘Oh Christ, no. How fucking sad would that be? “Oh look, it’s Daniel Craig, he’s on set again!” No!’

If an actor was offered Bond and came to you looking for advice, what would you say to him – or her?

‘Literally I’d say two things. Firstly, it’s your decision. Don’t listen to anybody else. Well, do listen to everybody, but you have to make the choice at the end of the day. It’s your bed to lie on. And don’t be shit! Don’t be shit. You’ve got to step up. People do not make movies like this any more. This is really rare now. So don’t be shit.’

And if someone rang you and said: 'I’ve taken the 007 gig'. What advice would you have for them?

‘Don’t be shit! Go for it. Embrace it. Some clich├ęd line like that. But no, just make sure you’re great. You’ve got to push yourself as far as you can. It’s worth it, it’s James Bond.’

Hope you're keeping track, Henry! :p

Henry was recently asked whether he'd be interested in playing Bond after Craig retires (Henry was the director's choice for Casino Royale, before the producers went with Craig). His answer? -- "I wouldn't play the same kind of character (as Craig), but hopefully I can do something that will do justice to the legacy. Bond would be wonderful to play one day. Barbara or Mike (the producers), if you're reading this, give me a call.."  

Thanks to Dee Dee Sorvino (@deedeegop) for the tip. 


  1. I believe Bond is just inevitable for Mr Cavill. The proof is The Man from UNCLE :) His performance will be as powerfull and fresh as his legendary predecessor. Can't wait for Bond anyway and HCN thank you!

  2. There is no way that Henry Cavill will be Sh*t. Even if he tried. He has so much passion and honor that he will do Justice to the character/franchise and then some!!! I truly wish that Henry will be given the opportunity to play the role. He is 007 Perfection!!!!! There is no other than can bring EVERYTHING that is James Bond other than Henry!!! OHC

  3. Amazing! So the seat is open? Henry is my top choice for Bond! So exciting.. Swoon

    1. It's River on the 4:15pm post lol!

    2. lol.. I think the #FunnyandSmartHashtagGaveYouUp :P xx

    3. I agree with you River! Swoon for sure! Henry with 2 franchises that would just be amazing! He is defiantly top choice for Bond for me too!

  4. I hope he does get to play Bond. He will be fantastic.I'll even go to the movie theater to see it instead of waiting for the dvd. Henry is the classy choice for the role. All others will pale in comparison.

  5. I agree with what everyone has said about Henry having the passion to play Bond. Look at how hard he works to get his physique right to play Superman! I also remember hearing about how easy it was to take Henry's work ethic for granted while filming the first Superman, where he worked so hard he ended up becoming ill. He seems to take his characters seriously and what they mean to the general public. The Bond role being such a historic and esteemed one, Henry would do nothing less than to give it his all.

  6. I dont want to see him as Bond, i have never cared about jame bind movies, I hope he stick a bit longer playing superman and we get squels before he goes and signup for another franchise.

  7. Henry IS James Bond. In fact he is soooo James Bond that they could just go and rename the franchise 007 Henry Cavill. If you read the specs Ian Fleming had in mind for James Bond, Henry checks all the boxes (almost all). I hope, he eventually does take on this franchise and does not fall through the cracks thanks to someone trying to shake things up and make casting history by thinking out of the box and casting someone no one ever thought of.

  8. i cant imagine anyone else playing 007 other dan Henry hes got everything dat describes bond so why search elsewhere wen hes there i hope d producers give him a chance dis time now dat hes older which was d only thing lacking in him d reson thy went for mr craig pls pls pls take him as bond n make us all happy :)

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