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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Henry Proudly Represents The RMCTF At The JustGiving Awards

When Henry talks about why he supports the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, you can tell how strongly he feels about the charity, and why he's so connected to it. Tonight Henry is proudly representing the RMCTF in London, after being nominated for 'Celebrity Fundraiser of the Year' at the JustGiving awards. We wish him the best!

UPDATE: Henry didn't win the award, but his work for the RMCTF speaks for itself. He's ALL heart and couldn't be a better ambassador for them. Congratulations on the honor of being nominated.

UPDATE 2: HQ pics shared by JustGiving, along with this wonderful message for Henry:

The JustGiving Awards have been amazing! We're all feeling super emotional - congratulations to our amazing finalists! And thank you so much to Henry Cavill for making our Young Fundraisers fell like the superstars they are. ‪#‎JGAwards‬

I kissed superman wahoooooo
Posted by Madison Glinski Fundraiser on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

‏@HarrisonsFund: "Promised Harrison I'd say hi to Superman."

Listen to Harrison's dad talk about meeting Henry at about 2:24, he truly is an amazing dad and his son is one brave little boy :)

Posted by Madison Glinski Fundraiser on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

 @HarrisonsFund: "#HenryCavill showing us his moves #JGAwards."

Haha.. Go Henry!

"We meet again Henry Cavill #JustGiving #Superman #OhHi" via Katy.Matthews1

A photo posted by @smudger2kuk on

"Met Henry Cavill tonight #Superman." via Bishograms.

"Henry Cavill: so gutted that thanks to my tipsy selfie unskills this actually looks like I photoshopped myself in…and who’s that cool looking photo-bomber in the background offering up the suave death-stare? Anyone?" - Read this mum's inspirational story.

Adrian Burgess: "So last night I met Superman, he was not impressed when I offered to buy him a kryptonite and Coke... #superman #manofsteel #justgiving"

A photo posted by @cat_ayre on

zorashanti: "Me and Superman. #Literally #Superman"

The after party was held at Beduin. The Daily Mail has a write-up about Henry attending the charity awards, check it out!


  1. Beautiful pics...beautiful people...Everyone involved is A Winner tonight at the JGA. (y)
    Lovely to see Henry celebrating the successful fundraising efforts with all the others.
    Congratulations Madison! Thanks for sharing the pics/comments/etc., Everyone & HCN :) <3
    SuperSoloCommandoCav-El...<3 <3 <3 U :D

    1. Congrats Patrick too! (I wrote that above but somehow it got erased when I posted). (y) :) <3

  2. Simply amazing to have Henry Nominated for all his good works with the RMCTF and all he does for Durell Cavill Conservation as well. He should be recognized for that as well. Henry is deserving of everything that is good. And might I say slaying the suit yet again...swoon my goodness so incredibly handsome!
    Thanks HCN and just giving awards, fans for the coverage and sharing your pics with our Superman<3

    1. Nice to see a successful actor using his celebrity status to shine a light on a cause (s) for the greater good. Hopefully Henry will continue to bring light on his chosen charities as his acting career continues to shine!

  3. For the work Henry does for conservation and charity, I'm just hoping that one day we see the British Monarch lay the sword on his shoulder and say, "Arise Sir Henry." He deserves that.

  4. There's no question....He has a Great. Big. Heart. (y) :D <3

  5. Love the little boy with the blue tie with stuffed animal dog design. Henry seems to do well with kids. I hope he finds a wife and family soon.


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