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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Superman Training In London: Victor's Pic With Henry

victorestimabjj: "Look who I have met here @rogergracieacademy. It's great to see that @henrycavill is a BJJ lover. #jiujitsuforeveryone #whatisyourmission #missionsubmission"

Henry is looking leaner and ready for Supes duty (hair is definitely getting longer!), as he continues his training at Roger Gracie's Academy in London. Victor met him today and shared this great pic. 

We just learned A TON of new details on where Justice League is going with its story, but the studio is keeping Superman's return a big secret! (which makes us even more excited for November 17, 2017).

Catch up on the latest in this post, and keep checking back.


  1. His hair certainly does look longer. Wonder how he's going to look when it's past his shoulders and accompanied by a beard like in the comics. Can't wait to see the end result of his BJJ training in the actual film, though! Hope he beats the snot out of every bad guy there!

    1. You really think it's going to be that long? Zack said "a little" longer! -- No matter what, like Nicole said below he's gonna "look seriously badass" for sure.

  2. He's a cutie! can't wait for the end result too Deo. very lean atm can't wait to see him bulk up and look seriously badass! Still can't believe JL is happening. I grew up with Superman and the Justice League animation, Batman the animated series SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PUMPED for this!!!!! Nicole


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