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Thursday, June 30, 2016

BvS: Behind The Scenes, Zack Attack, Easter Eggs

The digital version of the extended Batman v Superman cut may be out in the U.S., but the Blu-ray is still a few weeks away (with the special features we can't wait to watch). So the promo push for it continues, with some cool treats from those involved in making the movie. Clay Enos shared this new photo from the set, while Dolby posted a really neat clip with director Zack Snyder.

Oh, and then there are the memes.

Just search the hashtag and you'll know what we're talking about. And apparently the boss knows about it ;)

Today cinematographer Larry Fong also shared a behind the scenes pic from the Batman v Superman set in Pontiac, Michigan.

A photo posted by Larry Fong, ASC (@unclewow) on

The Ultimate Edition includes some great Easter eggs, that Screen Rant breaks down in their post below. Just keep in mind it's VERY spoilerish if you haven't watched it yet.

Finally, Dan Wallace who also worked on the film, has posted a much better look at this promotional newspaper. If you're a geek like us, you'll want to read it all!

Much more to come, with Comic-Con now only THREE WEEKS AWAY.


  1. These behind the scenes shares from Clay Enos are great! Helps us fill the time while waiting for JL updates/set photos. Thanks HCN for bringing these to us :D

    1. SDCC is almost here! - Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend.


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