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Monday, June 13, 2016

Henry In July Issue Of Cosmo, It's A Fact: Superman Is The Best!

Oh Photoshop, how did we manage to live without you..

Thanks to 'thedailystyles' for giving us a heads up on this fun feature in the July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. It highlights the best of Britain, but we'd say Henry edges them out, especially after his latest social media post. Such a proud Englishman.

And for those who doubted it, we hate to say we told you so..

That's right, the science backs us up. Supes is THE MAN.

The results of a seven year study are in, and they show Superman is the best-equipped to handle the bad guys (sorry Batman).

Check out what factors were considered to come up with their final tally over at Slashgear.

Thanks to ‏@iamisaactorres for the tip.

Only two weeks to go until the digital release of the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, and set photographer Clay Enos has been posting some really cool exclusives ahead of the big day (June 28).

A photo posted by Clay Enos (@clayenos) on

Head over to his Instagram to see the rest, and keep checking back with us for the latest news on everything Henry.

A video posted by Batman v Superman (@batmanvsuperman) on

P.S. Keep voting for Henry and Amy as Choice Movie Liplock at the Teen Choice Awards!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. "(sorry Batman)."

    Lol, don't apologize to him! The guy's everywhere and in everything! Bout time people stopped and learned to look at a REAL hero!

    More on topic, interesting consensus. It's definitely one I and anyone else on this site can agree on: Supes is the greatest there is! Although, I believe some research was overlooked. Superman doesn't just have one weakness. Besides kryptonite, there's also red sun radiation and magic. He can find his way around those weaknesses too, but they still exist. Still, Supes is and always will be the greatest hero EVER!

    1. I think it's because Batman is as close to a human superhero as we can get and possess no real power like Superman does. He only has gadgets but that's what makes him cool and likeable.

    2. True. But he can stand to be out of the spotlight for a little while. He gets enough exposure as it is. In a lot of works, he's just there. As in, in the way. The last three animated Justice League films, he was really just there. He did some deductive work and risked his neck for Superman's, but in terms of being truly useful in the actual battles, he was in the way. I'm just glad that the spotlight won't be entirely on him in JLPO. They'll probably spend more time looking at Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, and of course, the resurrecting Superman.

    3. Yeah. I'm assuming Superman will appear like right until the almost end of the film as a surprise appearance when they fight against evil altogether, like an ultimate battle and will be there during JL2. But am not sure. Not a pro thinker like you.

  3. Been a Superman fan since the age of 3. He's the best hero of all time in my eyes. I will forever love the man of steel. My friends call me Supergirl so it's in my blood lol. Deo yes he's the greatest hero EVER! Nicole :D

  4. Love the picture of all those English actors in British soldier uniforms! I think British actors are the best (I am an American, by the way). I've almost gotten to the point in my TV viewing that if it isn't a British cast, I'm not interested. I love, love, love Peaky Blinders, Outlander, Poldark, Grantchester, Broadchurch, etc. Wouldn't it be great to see Henry in a series?!

    1. Nah. He's done his time in Television, unless it's a really good one, I'd prefer he do movies. Filming a series is very different to movies so I highly doubt he will star in a series unless it's cameo for now. He's young, maybe when he's older he might want to think about it then. But right now he can get good movie roles.

  5. Omg. HCN! Why did you not mention Charlie is following you?? I think he mentioned something about following the site as well.


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