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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

U.S. Ultimate Edition Screenings, New Footage, Zack On Backlash

We hope you were lucky enough to get tickets to one of the special screenings of the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition happening on Monday. DC put out the link on their app, and they went FAST.

Today we also got a second trailer for the extended cut, and it includes some of the behind the scenes footage you'll see in the Ultimate Edition.

Ahead of Tuesday's release, DC and Warner Brothers have been highlighting the backstories of the characters involved in the film. Today they focused on Lois, and of course Supes was in there ;)

Finally, please don't miss this interview that director Zack Snyder did with USA Today.

We love the film too, and can't wait for Justice League!

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  1. I liked it and those critics can go away please! Zack did an amazing job and brought our superheros to life! Yes this movie holds a special place in my heart!!! It's a great movie and Henry does a fantastic job as Supes!! I can't wait for the extended DVD to be released :). Daniela


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