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Thursday, June 2, 2016

'Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition' Trailer, Release Dates

The trailer for Batman v Superman's Ultimate Edition is out, and it includes new footage from the film!

Collider was first to share the teaser, along with confirmation that the Ultimate Edition will be available on Digital HD June 28, with the Blu-ray out July 19. As we had reported, the special features are pretty cool as well. Check out the rest at Collider.

Today Warner Bros. also shared this new still of Bats and Supes. Who is ready for Justice League?!

UPDATE 6/2: Here are the release dates for you, UK.


  1. So is the DVD going to have the extended version also?

  2. Yes. The "Ultimate Edition" is also available on DVD by itself, or as part of the Blu-ray combo pack coming out July 19.

    1. Oh Yaya!!! Thanks :) I know I need to move into the 21st century here LOL!!! Can't wait so excited!!!!!

  3. MAN may have made a world where standing together is impossible. But a SUPERMAN can definitely make it happen!

  4. Pre-Ordered my Ultimate Cut this morning! Super excited to see this. Hopefully it will shut the haters up! I feel Zack and the cast and crew got a bit of a tough ride. Loved the film regardless and I'm so excited for what's to come from DC in the future.

  5. Awesomeness. Loved it before and love the new Trailer. More explanations for the audience that did not understand... :)

  6. Knew there'd be more Superman scenes, but not Clark Kent! Now I'm even more excited than before!


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