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Friday, October 18, 2019

Henry Attends BOSS Fashion Show In Shanghai

BOSS is presenting its pre-Fall 2020 collection in Shanghai and Henry was at today's fashion show (following a press day), with an afterparty to follow.

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This is from the BOSS live feed during the show. You can replay it to see Henry's arrival and his interview starting at about 36:30. Here is the official link // or try this backup one. And check out this quick clip from the carpet.

UPDATE: Watch the show on YouTube.

"Thank you, Superman" via WuZun on Weibo.

A post shared by (@babykkoi) on

           "I was so excited when I saw Henry Cavill on Friday."


  1. Fabulous!! The photos with the kids are adorable! Xx

  2. Strikingly handsome!!!

  3. Translation for kaipflaume by Rebecca
    --Unpaid Advertising--
    I met Superman, @henrycavill, at the Boss Fashion Show in Shanghai today. He is really a super nice totally relaxed guy. Incidentally, the show took place in a huge former tank. Very cool location, very cool evening.

  4. Can you just picture it.....Henry playing Julius Ceasar?!!

  5. Love Henry’s sexy smile!!


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