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Sunday, October 27, 2019

'The Witcher' Panel At MCM London Comic Con

The Witcher fans attending MCM London Comic Con today, were treated to a special panel with Freya Allan and executive producer Lauren S. Hissrich. Here's a quick recap of what fans saw and what was discussed. Next up: A brand new trailer at Lucca Comics & Games next week!

@TheRockFairy broke down for us the three clips shown during the panel with additional details (thank you so much). The first two scenes were shown at SDCC, the third one was new. Fair warning, they are spoilery:

1st clip: Scene in a great hall in a palace? The Queen of Cintra (I think) orders 'kill them both' to Geralt and another guy, epic sword fighting ensues against palace guard, real good action. Geralt and friend kicking ass, The Queen gets up, snatches a sword and fights, scene cuts when hers and Geralt's swords clash and have a tense gaze at each other. Lauren says there's a lot of action, Henry did all his own stunts, sometimes to their dismay/worry, but he insisted. The clip is from a scene that took 5 days to shoot.

2nd clip shows Yennefer on a beach talking to a dead baby, saying how the world is cruel, it doesn't matter how special people say you are (I think to reference own previous appearances) the rest of world pushes you down. I don't think it's her child, as she says 'maybe your mother was right'. It's a very emotional scene, ends with Yennefer burying the baby on the beach. - Lauren said these emotional scenes are important to build the world, and balance the action, violence and sex (!!) Its was shot in Gran Canaria, and for the longest time. It had a banner for VFX saying 'make baby dead'. Basically, they used a sleeping real baby and the note was to tell VFX to make it look dead. Then she described how to make a real baby look dead with VFX, lol. 

3rd clip This one focuses on Ciri walking through a snowy forest, looking disheveled and cold. She comes across a silent guy, who Lauren says is a new character not from the book, called Daro. he helps Ciri by offering her some dead barbecued rat, she looks in disgust but takes it, she says she's been wandering from three days. - Freya says a lot of her scenes were in the snow/dark or rain lol. Lauren said she introduced Daro, as it was originally just Ciri walking in the forest not talking to anyone which would've been boring. Freya says that Daro is an integral part of Ciri's story in the series, as they are from parallel worlds but have a joint understanding of loss and loneliness.

The Witcher had a photo booth where fans could battle one of the monsters from the Netflix series.

Fans were asked to share their experience, for a chance to win tickets to The Witcher London premiere on December 16. We're still waiting for official word on a release date for the show but as more details come in about the promotional tour, we'll keep updating you!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! So exciting!! I wonder how fans can get tickets to the London premiere?? I need to know how I can attend!! =D =D


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