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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Henry In Shanghai, First Photos From China


Henry is in Shanghai! and @zhaohongdao let us share his awesome photos with him today. He told us Henry was amazing and "so kind and gentle."

Henry also signed these photos for him. 

Henry is apparently in China as brand ambassador for BOSS, so stay tuned for everything from Shanghai!

UPDATE: A few more photos from today via photographer Tang Long who said he was very happy to have worked with him.

This is Henry's interview and pic with udn.com via Steph78276

*Rough Google translation*

The British actor who has lived in the corner of "Superman" and is loved by global fans, was invited by fashion brand BOSS to fly to Shanghai and will enjoy his 2020 early autumn collection. Before the big show, "Superman" also accepted questions from the media in various countries, and unexpectedly exposed the unspeakable side of this geek.

As in the past, his image in front of the camera, tall and handsome British male star Henry Cavill is all gentleman. Before answering questions, in addition to greeting the brand representatives and the media present, he also shook hands with the Chinese translators, highlighting his personal and considerate personal qualities.

Read the rest.

UPDATE #2: A few more pics from this day!


  1. Cool!!!
    Henry Amore mio!

  2. Awww, such lovely photos. It's heavenly when Henry smiles. I hope he has a wonderful time in China, and a safe trip home xx

  3. Henry is so wonderful with the fans. What a lovely thing to see.❣️

  4. Glad to know he is ok. Hope you have lots of fun when you can.

  5. Amazing how he is “EVERYONE’s” ❤️ love.

  6. Fantastic photos. Safe trip homeg


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