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Sunday, October 6, 2019

NYCC 2019: Geralt, Superman, Fan Anticipation

NYCC 2019 is history and we had a blast!

Over the weekend we ran into a fan cosplaying as Geralt of Rivia who told us he's very excited about The Witcher: "Better be good." His costume was custom-made and he made the rounds in the Javits Convention Center, taking photos with other fans looking forward to the Netflix series.

Superman was also everywhere you looked, as cosplayers put their own spin on the Man of Steel.

We heard Henry's name mentioned more than once, as people speculated when we might see him as Supes again.

Some of the merch was out of this world...

"JLA vs Darkseid" diorama

Hallmark's PopMinded line 

Catch up on the rest of our coverage from New York.

Until next year NYCC!

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