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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

'The Witcher' In Lucca: Day 1, Trailer Release Confirmed

The world of The Witcher is coming to life in Lucca, Italy, all leading up to the release of the trailer tomorrow!

UPDATE: Here's the confirmation.

Lauren. S. Hissrich is on her way and today fans began touring The Continent exhibit, which includes Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer's costumes and the White Wolf's mighty sword.

Image: @lilleta18

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As you can see, the exhibit really captures the essence of the show. Bad Taste shared a really cool first look with pics and video, so make sure to check it out. La Repubblica has a great report as well and Cinefilos has more costume shots.

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As fans left, they were treated to a map and a medallion and Bad Taste explains what those were for (Google translation):

At the end of the course, a medallion and instructions for accessing the other three The Witcher installations within the walls of Lucca will be given to all visitors: by answering the riddles in each activity it will be possible to participate in the draw for a trip to Poland.

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The tasks included a duel with the dwarves and an alchemy test with the elves.

Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski created The Witcher and he had a panel today.

This lucky fan ran into him in Lucca and shared his pic.

Sapkowski has also been signing copies of his famous books.

Again, here is a look at the schedule for The Witcher at Lucca Comics & Games. More to come!

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