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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Director Describes Stratton As "Sort Of Counterpoint To Bond"

Here we thought Stratton director Simon West couldn't get any cooler.. and then he went and described his vision for Henry's character, while talking to Filmoria (via):

And what you can tell me about your next film?

The one I’m doing now, which is why I’m in London, is Stratton with Henry Cavill. He’s an SBS operative: that’s the Special Boats Service, which is like the SAS but more secretive and they would say cooler probably. But he’s actually a new, British action hero, a sort of counterpoint to Bond. It’s more realistic, more down and dirty but equally as interesting. I’m a huge Bond fan, but he’s our only British action hero and we need another one, and one who’s based here.

And just like that, West almost reached our Zack Snyder level of admiration. We like the sound of a British action hero who could wrangle with the best of them.. even 007.

Bring it Henry!

UPDATE: West also talked Stratton with Den of Geek:

At the moment I'm just prepping a film called Stratton with Henry Cavill.

The special forces thriller.

Yeah, the Special Boat Service character from a series of books by Duncan Falconer. It's set in London and a little bit in Italy. But it's an action adventure. We've all seen the SAS a lot, but not a lot of people know about the SBS, who've actually been constantly at war since WWII - all over the world. They're a busy service, but incredibly secretive - much more than the SAS, so not a lot of people know about them.

It's going to be exciting. I'm a big fan of Henry Cavill's work. I've been looking for a UK-based action character. There's Bond, and that's all we've got really. Even though Jason Bourne runs around Europe a lot, he's an American character. I think there's a real gap for a British, UK-based action hero, and I've been looking that for a while.

Then the perfect combination came up, first with this series of books and then with Henry Cavill also being interested in these books. So we got together on it, and that's the next thing this summer, and those other things you mentioned will be coming shortly afterwards.

Stratton is currently in pre-production. We'll continue to bring you updates as they come in.


  1. I'm so happy for Henry because I know Bond was one of the characters he wanted to portray. I'm looking forward to his take on this new British action hero. Good for him.

  2. Secretive and cool. I can dig it. Looking forward to the movie.

  3. This looks like a renunciation to be Bond. I find it pity. But I understand Henry. Daniel Craig is not ready to abandon the role. Henry can't wait. I hope he will be in tuxedo ;-)

  4. Fantastic, I'm so happy to hear Mr. West elaborate a bit on his vision for Stratton. The fact that he is comparing it to bond is huge! Let's face it Bond is top billing in a very sophisticated way and if Stratton is a grittier version of Bond I LOVE IT already! And yes Bond is the only and the most famous British action heroes, in the states and UK. So we need another one, Henry will definitely fill that seat.
    Thanks so much Hcn, Simon West and Henry for the very cool update.

  5. I agree, River...We all love Bond, but will love Stratton just as enthusiastically too. Stratton is a bit more complex/conflicted in some ways and it will be interesting to see a new and different character introduced to the action scene. He's a touch more reality based in the sense that his story is based on Duncan Falconer's real life experiences...so it will be different in that regard too. In the same way that there are many vastly different American spy/military characters and films, Stratton will show that the UK has a different shade and kind of UK action hero as well...and the fact that Henry is dedicated enough to the character to undergo the military training will add to the authenticity too.

    It looks like this film has a great team of people lining up already...and this director is exactly right for this film. Thanks for sharing, good luck and best wishes with Stratton, Mr. West, Henry & thank you, HCN (y) :) <3

  6. :) I remember you telling me this and being so excited under that cool exterior! :)


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