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Henry Looking Suave In Grey At The Jameson Empire Awards

Talk about a Sunday surprise! - Henry showed up at the Jameson Empire Awards looking amazing in a Tom Ford suit. He made quite an impression, as he greeted fans on the red carpet. Loving the beard, Superman!

DON'T MISS Henry's interview. He mentions Stratton, Batman v Superman,  and even his beard!

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alwynhuk: "Such a gentleman #henrycavill #superman #superhero"

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Henry presented the Best Director award. Here's how it went down, via the Jameson Empire Awards blog:

Was that a bird? There’s a weird buzz in here. Was it a plane? There’s almost a trembling. Wait, no, it’s Superman! Henry Cavill is presenting this one, and there’s a strange sound in the room, as if several hundred women (and men) all sighed in unison at this paragon of male beauty. He's clearly still in Superman mode too..

And the winner is…CHRISTOPHER NOLAN

Christopher Nolan’s so committed to realism that we were a little surprised he didn’t literally shoot Interstellar in space, if we’re honest. But he did at least push his technical teams hard enough that they discovered some new scientific principles worthy of peer-reviewed publication, so that’s pretty good too. And here he is to accept his award!

Nolan: "You've heard far too much from me already, so thank you to Empire, the readers of Empire, so I'll just thank my brother Jonah who wrote the script and Kip Thorne who gave us the science."

Mirror UK:

Henry Cavill and Kit Harington were among the stars at the Empire Awards on Sunday night. Looking dapper in their suits, both British actors hit the red carpet in true style – standing out with their hipster beards. (..) Henry Cavill, who is set to star in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is due out next year, kept his muscles under wraps at the event, which was held at Grosvenor House Hotel.

Henry signs autographs and signs for fans (we also see a glimpse of his brother Charlie! at :45)

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owzwilliams: "Behind every great man, there's a less great man. In tweed. On a carpet" 

More of Henry on the red carpet at about :12 via Daily Mail.

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The End via the 
Jameson Empire Awards blog:

 "Wow, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson and Jimmy Nesbitt on the same stage," marvels Nesbitt. "What a night!"

And indeed, it really has been. Nesbitt wraps it up, and it's time for those of us who eat carbs to try to find where Henry Cavill's sitting, since he obviously won't be allowed to touch any of the food.

Thanks to you all for voting for another great awards show, and please go check out those speeches when you can. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to prepare for the after party, and see which stars we can persuade to abandon their shoes and dignity this year.


EOnline:  Superman? More like super fly... here he is at the 2015 Jameson Empire Awards.

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At the afterparty.. 

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       bethanjulifflondon "If you wear Bethan Juliff London you get to hang out with Superman"

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"Jameson Empire Awards, Henry Cavill with Mkhitar Danielyan and Aram Hayrapetyan! feeling excited."

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Oddsnaps added a few more details, that remind us why we're here to support Henry. He's simply the best with his fans.

"Impressive good attitude toward fans, and people in general (..) Yes, something worth to remember, so many fans waited until 2:45am just to see him. Everyone's pleased about Henry kindness!!!"

Selfie of the night via @MissKerryFitz

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UPDATE 5/9: Turns out Dan had an even funnier pic with Henry. Too awesome!

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UPDATE: The man indeed dances - Sounds like it was a fun night for all!

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  1. For all of you that don't read French, the photo that reads ''Henry Cavill, mรชme avec une grosse barbe t'es un beau gosse. La barbe vainer!

    Translates as ''Henry Cavill even with a big beard you're a hunk. Beard victorious!''


  2. Nice to see him in a suit again. I especially like the first photo of him where he is smiling

  3. As always he's beautiful ❤️

  4. Magnifique comme toujours je vais faire de beaux rรชves cette nuit! ♡

    1. Translates as:-
      ''Wonderful as always. I'll have sweet dreams tonight!''


  5. Dreamy...simply dreamy<3
    Awesome that Christopher Nolan received award for best director. One of my favorites but Zacks is my number one though...wink;)
    Thanks Hcn for the update and sweet pics<3

    1. Absolutely River, Zacks awesome! Henry is so disgustingly handsome I can't even deal!
      By the way I hope you do wake tomorrow - love you;)

    2. I hope he grows his beard zz top styles, that would be awesome:D
      Just in case, River I love you forever and beyond infinity..x:P

    3. Lol..omg. I love you too!

  6. Henry is one sexy beast

  7. So love Henry. Can't wait for Uncle.

    I so want him to continue as Superman too.

    Hate the funeral scenes in Metropolis and Smallville that have been releasde in photos. Looks like Superman/Clark is dead at the end of Batman vs Superman.

    Please WB bring him back in JL. Henry is the best Superman ever with all due respect to Reeve who is right up there with Cavill.

    The photos o the funerals get me so upset - need to go breathe into a bag.

    1. Man you are looking to cause problems.

    2. Go home. You're drunk.

  8. Beautiful pics and video clip today at the Empire Awards. Henry looks so handsome and everyone looked lovely too.
    Congrats Christopher Nolan for winning best director...and thanks so much for sharing, Henry, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3
    HENRY... <3 <3 <3

  9. It's so nice to see Henry with family, especially little brother, Charlie. Warms my heart Looking good too, Charlie. This has been a real treat having this event come up that we can see Henry pictures and get more news on him. Unexpected! No we have the rugby match to look forward to and all the premiere events leading up to the opening of MFU. Yay!!

    1. It was a really nice surprise! - Charlie and Henry always look great together and like they're having so much fun. Yeah, tons of coverage to come: Rugby match/charity fundraising, Comic-Con, UNCLE press galore and Stratton filming. Exciting times ahead!

  10. *_* so charming!

  11. Henry is handsome-looking as always! I am finding that beard just a bit too long, though... like, it's kind of the wrong type of short and curly. It would be ideal at a slightly shorter length, IMO. Also, I wonder if he'd look even better in a two-piece rather than a three-piece suit--the three-piece adds bulk and boxiness, which he clearly doesn't need. Good sport, though :)

  12. PERFECTION...BEAUTIFUL...<3 <3 <3 Love all the newly added pics.
    Thanks so much for sharing, Henry, Everyone & HSN (y) :) <3


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